Donations - Becoming a monthly donating member is a great way to help run the temple

Donations through your bank

Most banks facilitate direct one-time and recurring donations free-of-charge. We kindly request you to consider this method after discussing with your financial institution(s)

Employer matching contributions

Some employers match charitable contributions and help us receive more donations to expand our service to the community and start new programs. Please consider talking to your employer to see whether they have a gift matching program.

Special Donations

If you are visiting the temple or attending any of our special events offer your donations to the monks or volunteers during those events. We can accept cash or checks. Please also find two DipJars where your can donate a set amount that display on them with your credit card.

AmazonSmile Donations

For Amazon shoppers, please use the below link and select "Great Lakes Buddhist Vihara" as your charity for AmazonSmile donations.

Donations through Zelle

Please use for Zelle donations. 

Material Donations
The Vihara from time to time need some household items for the upkeep of the building and also to serve many visitors that we receive on any given day. These may include household items like paper towels, cleaning supplies and disposable service items like paper plates and cups. Please inquire monks to see what are the items that may need replenishing soon.
PayPal Donations
Please use below link for one-time or recurring PayPal donations.