GLBV Story

GLBV was established in April 1997, under the guidance of Venerable Brahmanagama Muditha Thero in the White Hall Apartments in Southfield, a suburb of Detroit. As the apartment building was not a convenient place for frequent visitors, the small community was able to purchase a single family home on Shiawassee Road in Southfield in (give the time period to flow with the timeline). During this time, the services were rendered by Rev. Peradeniye Sujatha and Rev. Peradeniye Sathindriya. With the growth of the community, the congregation felt the space was not suitable for larger services and gatherings. With great efforts from the congregation, GLBV was able to acquire a three acres of land on Beech Road in 2003 to establish the Vihara. Although the three acres of land accommodated more people, the Vihara was still housed in a residential home. The dedicated volunteers of the congregation worked tirelessly to obtain a Special Use permit status from the city of Southfield to recognize GLBV as a public religious institute. Along with this recognition, the Vihara was enriched with a beautiful shrine room, barrier-free restrooms, and expanded parking area, enhancing the sacred atmosphere of the temple.

Over more than twenty years, the Vihara has provided a tremendous opportunity for the community in the Great Lakes region to congregate for mindfulness and spiritual activities. Since its inception, the Vihara has conducted traditional Buddhist ceremonies such as, Vesak, Poson and Kathina celebrations and meditation retreats under the leadership of the chief resident incumbent Ven. Brahmanagama Muditha Thero, and Ven. Yatinuwara Sankichcha Thero. In addition to the monthly Seela observances (Poya Day program), weekly activities include Sunday Buddha Pooja, meditation and Dhamma discussion classes for the adults and children.
GLBV is supported by the devotees and the well-wishers living in the Great Lakes area who place value in the Vihara to satisfy and enhance their socio-spiritual needs. Today, the Vihara is a place for worship, meditation, learning, fellowship, and community engagement. The Great Lakes Buddhist Vihara is committed to providing a serene setting for the advancement of mindfulness and spiritual practice of the community.