About Vihara

The great Lakes Buddhist Vihara is the Buddhist Monastery in the Theravada Tradition. Established in 1997 and relocated in the current location in 2003, the Vihara offers a place to worship, meditate and a communal venue for the practicing Buddhists. Even though that Vihara is modeled after a typical Sri Lankan temples and run by Buddhist monks who are trained and ordained in Sri Lanka, this is venue for all who like to learn and practice Buddhism and meditation.
In the Vihara, you can find the shrine room where you can see the Buddha statue and are for meditation, reflection and traditional services that monks offer. We request you to maintain silence and refrain from having food/drinks in this area. There is a library with many Buddhist text in both English and Sinhalese languages where you can also discuss with monks about Buddhism in general.
Monks living quarters are off-limits to the visitors. The kitchen and gathering area in the basement is open to all and this is where you can find some refreshments.