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  1. Hello Bhante

    Is it permissible for someone who has never attended, to join a Zoom meeting?

  2. Hello Bhante. I am interested in your Zoom meditation classes. I am not a member of the temple. Would I be allowed to attend? If so, how do I find out about when they are occurring?

    Thank you,

    1. You are kindly invited to join these highly meritorious events on coming Sunday via temple FaceBook page and the Zoom link below:

      Please use these Zoom info to join our weekly meditation sessions on Monday evening at 7.30 pm and Saturday morning at 8.30 am.
      Meeting ID: 880 8528 1071
      Password: 432411

      May you be well, happy and peaceful with the blessings of the Noble Triple Gem!
      Bhante Sankichcha

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