Important Announcement

We are happy to announce that GLBV has started all weekly and monthly meditation classes and other events IN-PERSON. All our services are now held at GLBV- Fonseka Community Center at 17725 Inkster Road, Livonia. GLBV adheres all CDC and State mandated safety / sanitary guidelines.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the temple at 248 353 8155 or email to

GLBV - Fonseka Community Center

Great Lakes Buddhist Vihara (GLBV) is a Buddhist Monastery in the Theravada tradition, established in 1997 in suburban Detroit area. GLBV provides services to the Great Lakes region, namely Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Ontario. We welcome all faiths and all walks of life to learn the teachings of the Buddha and practice mindfulness. GLBV is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and greatly appreciates donations from the general public and institutions to proceed the services.

Greetings to our congregation members, community members and guests!

At this time the GLBV Board of Trustees is happy to announce that the GLBV community has acquired a larger facility in the neighboring city of Livonia. The new facility, Fonseka Community Center is located at 17725 Inkster Road, Livonia and will be utilized for religious and community events. The existing property on Beach Road will still be occupied by the temple and will be used for monks residence. At this time, we would like to thank our donors Kumudinie and Upali Fonseka for their generous contribution to the Buddha Sasana. The donation of this property assists in fulfilling the temples goals of providing services to both the Sri Lankan and American communities.

Construction is under way in the newly acquired property. In the next few months, the board anticipates the opening of the new Vihara, which will commence with a dedication ceremony. The new venue will be aimed at hosting regular activities, ceremonies and special community events.