Meditation is a systematic method to experience inner peace and happiness through understanding the true mechanism of body and mind. This directly requires the introspection or inward attention. in the initial steps, you may need to withdraw your attention from the external world and direct it inward to be able to feel and observe your body and mind. In this process, you need to follow a gradual training of the mind. to pay your mindful attention to the surrounding where you are sitting or lying down for meditation practice would bring some spiritual harmony with great appreciation of the presence of yourself. After sometime, your may bring your mindful attention to your psycho-physical entity with gentle and kind attitude. In this stage, you will be able to maintain a still and a relaxed posture with gently closed eyes. The more still you are, the more sensitive and penetrative you become.

With this peaceful state of mind and body, you may spend sometime of scanning through your body from the top of the head, gently down to the tips of the toes, mindfully observing the subtle sensations and feelings through out the body. Here you may need to let go of all kinds of thoughts, thinking, the past and future concerns from your mind. Remember, to be fully mindful means to be fully listen to your body with an empty mind. As you get into deeper level of sensitivity, you may even feel and experience your body in the surface level and even the internal functioning. The more time you spend on this technique, you may realize many beautiful things about your body and mind, what your body means to you, how you experience everything right within your body and mind, eventually, your body and mind becomes your world. This mindful body scanning requires a great deal of patience and discipline which you may develop naturally in time.

In this stage, you may use and of your meditative object to focus on. One of them is the breathing technique. Along with the body scanning, you may easily feel your natural breath throughout your body. As a tranquilizing meditation technique, you may now focus on the natural breath by setting your mindful attention to the front of your face or to the tip of your nostrils. First, understanding the natural breathing process, you may establish your mindful attention on where ever the sensation of incoming and outgoing breath is prominent for you. It may varies from person to person. in the initial steps, you may let you mind follow the beautiful natural breath knowing that you are breathing in and breathing out, and see for how long you be just with the present breath without getting distracted by wondering thoughts, memories and sounds outside. It is ok to get distracted, but you may bring your attention gently back to the present breath. Remember; this is a training and disciplining of your mind and body. Most importantly, let the patience and attentive present moment silent (apart from your talkative mind) awareness guide your way.

Once you become able to follow the beautiful natural breath without much distractions, you may move practice to experience and observe the slight differences and details of each breath. There you may notice that the natural breath is not a static experience but to be dynamic at all times. Each breath has a beginning, continuation and end. Sometimes, your breath become short or long, shallow or subtle. You may mindfully observe these natural changes of the breath as it is experienced as a physical level. As you get into this peaceful level, you may realize how your body and mind become free from tension, anxiety, worries and other negativities developing more inner peace and harmony. These peaceful states can be experienced through out your psycho-physical entity. According to the Samadhi, it is not one-pointedness but it is a peaceful state of your mind directed to body and mind with no distractions. In this level, you may experience the harmonious unity of your breath, boy, and mind (trinity).

Remember, this is not a breathing exercise, but this is an exercise of being mindful with the help of natural breathing process leading to total purification of the mind from all defilements which can affect every aspect of your everyday life.