About Us

Our Mission

Our primary goal is to be a center for inner peace for all Buddhists and non-Buddhists in the Great Lakes area to practice the teachings of the Buddha. The activities we perform through mindfulness and loving-kindness way of life promote individual inner peace and social solidarity. These activities include offering Buddhist teachings for children and adults, meditation guidance, organizing volunteer projects for youth, and conducting religious ceremonies.

We find that more people are becoming interested in joining the monastic order in the Theravada tradition in the United States. Our mission for the future is to open a monastery that will be able to facilitate devotees to be ordained by our center. This will create tremendous opportunities for those who want to enter the order and commit themselves into a monastic way of life.

About Vihara

The great Lakes Buddhist Vihara is the Buddhist Monastery in the Theravada Tradition. Established in 1997 and relocated in the current location in 2003, the Vihara offers a place to worship, meditate and a communal venue for the practicing Buddhists. Even though that Vihara is modeled after a typical Sri Lankan temple and run by Buddhist monks who are trained and ordained in Sri Lanka, this is venue for all who like to learn and practice Buddhism and meditation. 

In the Vihara, you can find the shrine room where you can see the Buddha statue and are for meditation, reflection and traditional services that monks offer.  We request you to maintain silence and refrain from having food drinks in this area.There is a library with many Buddhists text in both English and Sinhalese languages where you can also discuss with monks about Buddhism in general.

Monks living quarters are off-limits to the visitors. The kitchen and gathering area in the basement is open to all and this is where you can find some refreshments.

Resident Monks

GLBV Sangha is led by four resident teachers who have exposure to both Asian and Western cultures. They live in Michigan year round and, as English speaking Asians, teach Buddhism in terms readily understood by Westerners, in a way that can be applied to the particular difficulties of our daily lives. Please see of website for biographies of venerable monks.

Ven. Brahmanagama Muditha Nayaka Thero:

Venerable Brahmanagama Muditha Maha thera, now 66, was conferred with the title “Uthuru Americawe Pradhana Sanghanayaka”, the Chief Prelate of the Sangha Community of North America, since 2017 by the Kotte Sangha Sabha in Sri Lanka. He provided his spiritual services to North American Buddhist communities for nearly for 30 years.

Venerable Brahmanagama Muditha Thero is the founding abbot of the Great Lakes Buddhist Vihara. He is also the abbot of the Hilda Jayewardenaramaya Buddhist Monastery (HJMB), Ottawa since 2008. Venerable Thero is a distinguished scholar and a preacher in Theravada tradition. He is well-known as a skillful meditation instructor to many monks and lay people and has been serving in North America for nearly three decades. Bhante Muditha has been a pioneer in inaugurating many Theravada temples in both USA and Canada

Ven. Yatinuwara Sankichcha Thero:

Bhanthe Sankichcha was born in Kandy, Sri Lanka in 1976. He entered the monastic life at the age of 15 in 1991 at Sri Subodhārāma International Monks’ Training Institute in Kandy. In 1996 he received his higher ordination (upasampadā). The same year he moved to Australia where he lived for four years conducting numerous mindfulness programs. In 2001 he was invited to the Great Lakes Buddhist Vihara in Michigan, USA to continue his Dhamma services.

Bhanthe Sankichcha received his BA degree in Psychology from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. He is currently enrolled in a master’s degree in counseling psychology at Oakland University in Michigan, USA. He also serves as the abbot of Great Lakes Buddhist Vihara.
He is engaged in many social and religious services both locally and internationally. As a meditation and a Dhamma teacher, Bhathe Sankichcha helps many people including young and adults providing with Buddhist spiritual counseling.
He has been invited to teach in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Canada, and USA.

Ven. Galaboda Dhammavihara Thero:

Rev. Galaboda Dhammavihara was born in may 1995 in Kandy district in Sri Lanka. He was ordained as a novice monk in October 2006 at Peradeniya Sri Subodarama Maha Vihara in Kandy. Receiving his higher ordination in 2015, Rev. Dhammavihara joined the Sri Gnanalankara International Bhikkhu training institute in Kandy for his monastic education and teaching, until he moved to Great Lakes Buddhist Vihara in October 10, 2022.