Latest Fundraising Project

As you are aware, the Great Lakes Buddhist Vihara started 27 years ago as a place for the community to socialize, have peaceful gatherings of worship, and has notably become a sanctuary to help cultivate the mind. GLBV has not only opened its doors for Sri Lankans but extends its reach to the entire international community in Michigan and the neighboring states.

To help facilitate the many services that are held by the community, our good friends and philanthropists, Upali and Kumudinie Fonseka, and their family purchased the GLBV-Fonseka Community Center property and dedicated it to the Sasana and the community after conducting a series of extensive renovations and changes to suit the needs of a Buddhist temple.

As we enjoy the comforts of this gift for our services, it is our duty to maintain and look after the property so it stays a  comfortable refuge for the future generations to come.

However, the parking lot of the Center shows serious deterioration due to wear and tear which desperately requires repair and resurfacing. A failure to address these issues before the end of the year may severely worsen the parking lot condition and will require a drastically more expensive repair and cause a greater inconvenience to the members of this congregation.

Last year, we obtained several quotes for repair ranging from $80,000 to $125,000 that meet our quality standards (these estimations may be higher now due to inflation and increased labor and material costs). As a result, we started a fundraiser and few of our generous community members have already donated about $18,250. Our goal is to raise the funds for this project within the next few months to complete the required repairs and resurfacing before the end of fall (preferably, before the end of summer to provide favorable weather conditions for such repairs).

In addition to these cash donations, we are planning a number of other fundraising events to help aid the funding of this project. We will send out more information within the next couple of weeks to help you decide the most convenient method for you to contribute to this noble cause.

Your generous donations will help preserve the sanctity of the Vihara which is an asset to our great community. We deeply appreciate your ongoing support to carry out the great mission of this temple. If you have any questions, or concerns, or just want more information on this fundraising effort, please contact Bhante Muditha, Bhante Sankichcha, or the Board of Trustees.

 May the triple gem blessings be with you!

 Bhante Muditha, Bante Sankichcha, and the Board of Trustees

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